Fernchurch Consulting Provides a Range of Business Technology Solutions & Services to Global Clients

Cybersecurity Consulting

Software Integration Services

Technology Solutions Procurement

Protection for digital assets with advanced identification and strong authentication technologies



Bringing best-practice business software solutions and seamless integration with existing enterprise systems


Business software sourcing services for global customers



Who We Are

Fernchurch Consulting LLC has been partnering with clients for over 10 years to address a myriad of technology challenges. Our customers trust us to find breakthrough solutions to today’s business technology problems that vary from IT policy formulation to systems infrastructure and enterprise application optimization projects.

Our strategy teams bring deep industry expertise and rigorous analytical skills to find pragmatic solutions for business and government clients.

Our strategy capabilities span corporate and business unit strategies and project and portfolio management, with pockets of expertise in areas of project management, technology, documentation and writing services, policy formulation and business management.

Our Services

  • Cybersecurity Consulting
  • Information Technology Strategy and Policy Consulting
  • Project Management & Program Management Office Consulting & Training
  • Business Software Solution Sourcing
For more information please email info@fernchurch.com.
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